Well, the movie I choose is Mean Girls, I’m going to write about the general information, general outline, and of course, my opinion.

            So, this movie was directed by Mark Waters, the protagonists are: Linsday Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, and Amy Poehler. The greatest music of the movie are: “One Way Or Another” from Blondie and “God Is A DJ” from Pink. And there’s no special effects, it’s just not necessary.

            Well done, this movie was basically about a girl, Cady [Linsday Lohan]. Her life was lived totally in Africa and she came to Chicago. Her life was pretty delighted, she was VERY, VERY happy there. So she was included in the “mean girls” group, who transforms her life. It was a dream, but now became a hell, a real hell. But she just started walking with them because she was like obligated to, by her first friend, which was a girl who hated Regina [Rachel]. Than they started spoil her life [Regina’s] and the story is basically that, in the entire movie.

            My opinion about this AWSOME movie, is just that I really love that, is just perfect, talks about the real life in high school, talks about what really happens to us, high school girls, I got nothing to say anymore, I really say the truth when I say that this movie IS JUST PERFECT.


By  Yohanne Auana. 

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          The story is about a woman called Frances Mayes, a writer who lives in San Francisco, and has a perfect life, ’till her separation from her husband. She’s depressed, and has a text to finish, so she moves to Tuscan and begins a new life, reforming a little farm. She learns new thing about love, life, and friendship.

     It’s in fact my favorite movie, and I do recommend to anybody who asks me about it. It’s  an intelligent movie, because makes  you think about yourself, your life and what you want for you. It can happen us to face our   problems and to take the best decision.

 by Alvysgloria

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Before Harry Potter became a sucessful movie, it was a literay sucess. Harry Potter was written by Rowling, she spent ten years writing the whole serie, but just in 2001 the fisrt movie was produced, all the movies sequence were directed by David Yates, and Daniel Radcliffe was the leading actor. While 325 milion Harry Potter’ s books were sold in 64 languages, the movies pocketed 3,47 billion.
The story describes the Harry Potter’s life, he’s a orphan and his parents were famous wizards, with a parent’s inheritance he starts to study in a wizard’s school. All the plot envolves his important last name and the wizard’s learning. Harry Potter was recognized not only by his teachers but too his enemy as a special wizard. All the adventure’s developement envolve this special aspect of Harry Potter; his special power.
The Harry Potter series doesn’t have a great dramatic or sentimental context and we do not expect you to cry with its story, but it’s a wonderful entertainment with a story that envolves all our child’s fantasies, I woukd recomend the Harry Potter series to anyone who likes a great adventures movie with a great special effects.




By André

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At Play in the Fields of the Lord’ is a beautiful and moving movie. The main scenes were filmed in Belém do Pará, Brazil, but it is a co-prodution organized by the august director Hector Babenco (Brazil) and the French actor Jean-Claude Carriére. Daryl Hannah, Tom Berenger, Aidan Quinn, Kathy Bates and John Lithgow were in the cast.
Adapted from the 1965 novel of the same name, the movie is a drama and tells the story of two aircraf pilots. They were flying on the Amazon Forest when they had to land in the small city of Madre de Deus  There was a very nasty  police captain and he tried to made the pilots to bombard an Indian tribe called “the Niarunas”. The problem is that one of the pilots was an Indian descendent.
I saw this film when I was a teenager but I remember that I was deeply  moved me by the story. The pictures were beautiful, too; but, the most interesting were the old Brazilian songs playing like soundtrack. It is a great movie, despite that did not use good especial effects. In my opinion ‘At Play in the Fields of the Lord’ is an unmissable movie.

By Hirto

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Wicker Park is the most curious film I have ever seen. It is about love and intense psychological drama. Paul McGuigan is the director, Josh Hartnett and Rose Byrne are the leading actors. The movie is not famous and also the cast, but all the comments and critics are the best.

Chicago was the set to the movie. A man fell deeply in love with a woman, but she disappears. So, he caught in an obsessive search for her. Two years after, he finally found a trace and decides to discover what really happened.

Cilff Martinez was the musical producer. The soundtrack is wonderful. His compositions mix sampled instruments with acoustic performances, living all the scenes very exciting.

by Fernanda

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Cast Away

In February, the movie Cast Away was see by me. Tom Hanks is the main actor. This movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis in 2.000. The music os Cat Away was created by Alan Silvestri. In the story, special effects aren’t see by us.
The movie tells the story of a man that was traveling when his plane fell. Chuck Noland was the union survivor. His family and friends were thinking that he had died because nobody has more information about him. Chuck Noland lived in a desert insland for 4 years and the union company him was a ball.
I’m sure that Cast Away is recommended by me. It’s a very nice and intelligent drama. I’m sure it’s a nice movie to be seen by everybody.

From Renata, 2008/05/31 at 11:55 AM

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The movie 50 First Dates was directed by Peter Segal, and the music more important is Over the Rainbow was composed by E.Y. Harburg e Harold Arlen.   Adam Sandler(Henry Roth) and Drew Barrymore (Lucy) are the leading actors. The film is comedy/romance.


            The movie is set in United States. Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. They hit it off and Henry think he’s finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day.


            50 First Dates is a wonderful movie. The best think about it is the story romance. The situation is more beautiful, and different. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic story and surprise all days.  

by Thamiris

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American Beauty is a movie which was directed by Sam Mendes. Kevin Spacey is the leading actor. In the movie have many songs, but the mosto f them are instrumental, the songs were composed by Thomas Newman. American Beauty hás a famous cover Picture for the movie, is an American woman on the “bed of roses”.

The movie is a drama is set in one American city. It´s about one man. He hates the daughter of his wife and he doesn’t  love his wife any more. He changed his life because he thought that doesn’t had anything to lose and motivated by loves prohibited. The man finds freedom and got diferent with himself and with his wife. Lester is the name of this man. His experiences showed which freedom isn’t a “bed of roses” it seems.

In my opinion, American Beauty is a good movie because it has one story and one moral. I recommend this movie to all people. But in particular to young, because they like freedom without limits.

By Flaviane Beatriz

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 The movie that I loved was CRASH NO LIMITE. this a American and German movie of drama directed by Paul Haggis. the first appearance was in the Festival of Cinema of Toronto in September of 2004 and was launched internationally in 2005.
   The film speaks of preconception and tensions racial and social.The history about the movie happens in Los Angeles and show many people with many history that they meet throughout the film. the personages of the movie are wronged for its etnia or social level, where they examine its propious preconceptions. the movie has many famous actors as Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Brendan Fraser, Matt Dillon and the actor and rapper Ludacris.
  This movie earned many prizes as OSCAR 2006 of Better Film, Better Original Script and Better Edition. Crash no limite is exelent movie.

by Allan Lima.

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Donnie Darko is a movie of 2001. At the time, it was launched without much racket, it did not have much success and it was called movie “cult” for the critical for to have an original and intriguing history about what it exists after the death and on the possibility being able to change our future. The movie was conquering the public with passing of the time for having a firm history and a different script of that until then the North-American cinema it makes. But it is not only therefore that the film is one of my favorites. Donnie Darko is also the name of the protagonist of history. Adolescent of middle class of U.S.A. and living in the decade of eighty, Donnie Darko fights to survive in its melancholic and sad world, to the times, to the cost, of remedies to sleep and to control its riots of mood. After an airplane turbine accidentally falling in top of its house, more necessarily in top of its room – but Donnie he survives because he has sleeplessness and in the night of the tragedy he had left sleeping for the neighborhood – it starts to have dreams with a Giant Rabbit that the alert one for the day of the death of Donnie: what he will happen inside of 28 days, six hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, or either, in the night of Halloween, the 30 of October of 1988. From there, the Giant Rabbit starts to give tips Donnie Darko to commit some small delicts in its city to disclose some hypocrisies of the people most popular of the place. With passing of the time, Donnie starts to perceive that the Giant Rabbit also can have the key it to escape of the death being moved its future. But for this it has of discovered a way to travel in the time to change the future.

by Wederson Santos

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